Update 3/15: We have received over 750 submissions. We are still working diligently to verify each submission and get them posted. As of today, the total amount of reported income lost is $4,285,037. Your stories are heartbreaking but we know them all too well. We appreciate you, we see you, and we love you, Austin. Hang in there.

Note: This site is designed specifically for locals of Austin, Texas who lost work due to the SXSW cancelation. We are receiving a large volume of requests for folks outside of Austin. Once we have everyone from our community verified and posted, we will share a list of similar resources for other communities. At this time, our priority is on supporting our local community.

The cancellation of SXSW is financially crushing for local creatives and small businesses. Many have lost gigs and revenue that they were counting on.

Please help support our community in Austin by making donations directly to them using their information listed below.

La cancelación de SXSW es devastadora para los creativos locales y las pequeñas empresas. Muchos han perdido trabajos, conciertos, e ingresos con los que contaban.

Considere apoyar a nuestra comunidad en Austin con una donación a uno de los creativos que se enumeran a continuación.


Leo Aguirre

Freelance Video Director/DP
Income Lost: $7000

Venmo: @leoaguirre
Instagram: @leoaguirre

Cassie Shankman

Income Lost: $8225

Venmo ID: @cassieshankman
Instagram: @DJcassandra_

Dan Leyendecker

Film & commercial production
Income Lost: $2300

Sad for all my fellow freelancers.

Venmo ID: @dan-leyendecker

Cash App: @dansleyendecker

PayPal: [email protected]
Instagram: @leyendecker

TJ Masters

Sound Engineer
Income Lost: $3500

A lot of ink is spilled on artists, clubs, and promoters in times like this, and deservedly so; however, less is said about the production crew, sound engineers, lighting engineers, stage hands, security guards, and folks on the ground who pull 14-20hr days to make events happen. SXSW and spring in general is the time of year that events start to return and occur more frequently, and we count on spring arriving to make up for the quiet months of January and February. Specifically in Austin, SXSW is a booster shot of income that will speed us into the spring busy season. Most of us are 1099 or contract positions and have no way of replacing dates that we had already blocked out for this purpose.

Venmo ID: @tmasters

PayPal: [email protected]

Brent Fogerty

Caterer, Cold Ones Pops
Income Lost: $2250

Venmo ID: @brentpopsicle

Instagram: @coldonespops

Cash App: $brentpopsicle

Kyle Osburn

Income Lost: $10,000

Lost an entire months work of work that would have paid my bills for the next few months.

Venmo ID: @kyleosburn

Instagram: @kyleoz

Paypal: [email protected]

Samantha McCrary

Income Lost: $15,000

Multiple floral design gigs lost.

Venmo ID: @samantha-mcc1

Cash App: $bricolagecf

Instagram: @bricolagecf

Breezy Ritter

Event Photographer
Income Lost: $3500

This sucks. But we can rally together.

Venmo ID: @breezyritter

Cash App: $BreezyRitter

Instagram: @breezyritter

Sara Landry

Income Lost: $1000

Official showcase got cancelled.

Venmo ID: @Sara-Landry

Cash App: $SaraLandry

Instagram: @saralandrydj

Paypal: paypal.me/saralandrymusic

Carlos Carrera

Film/Event Production
Income Lost: $8000

Ive been a volunteer for SXSW for the past 4 years and this was the year that i found a gig that i would actually make a good amount of money for the 2 weeks in film and music. I was going to help around the stars navigate thru the event.

Venmo ID: @Carlos-carrera-16

Instagram: @Cmcarrera16

Mario Garza

Income Lost: $2300

To everyone who got hit with the devastating news this afternoon: Keep your heads high, my friends. We feel your pain. We are all in this together. Remember you are not alone in this and you are loved. Close your eyes. Take a breath. Take another breath. Remind yourself how lucky you are for everything you have. This will pass.

Venmo ID: @Garza-Mario

Cash App: $mvisionz69

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @mvisionz_

Trish Badger

Income Lost: $2000

I’m available for photo shoots in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Thanks!

Venmo ID: @trishbadger

Cash App: $trishbadger

Paypal: PayPal.me/TrishBadger

Instagram: @ trishbadger

Travis Hoggard

Income Lost: $4000

Lost my editing gig!

Venmo ID: @Travis-Hoggard

Cash App: $TravisHoggard

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @mr.shenanigans

Alicia Jones

Income Lost: $3000

I know others have more lost gigs than me but it still hurts.

Venmo ID: @amuricatx

Cash App: $amuricatx

Instagram: @Amuricatx

John Leach

Income Lost: $3500

Better luck next year I guess.

Venmo ID: @John-Leach-25

Instagram: @JohnLeachPhoto

Christine Chen

Filmmaker, Camera Op
Income Lost: $3500

Venmo ID: @Christine-chen-15

Cash App: $Mothtoflame

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Cchenmtf

Edward Skinner

DJ / Event Production
Income Lost: $2500

This was my first SXSW as an official artist & i had, for the first time, gigs booked on top of each other and it felt great to be able to financially be comfortable to build on it. When it got cancelled, all of that went down the drain. It would help so much if anyone could donate. Literally anything helps.

Venmo ID: @ninths9ge

Cash App: $ninths9ge

Instagram: @9thsage

Jose Vasquez

Income Lost: $2000

Back in December, I was contracted to do photography work for a SXSW sponsored party for 3 days. Found out today that SXSW was cancelled and client called me afterwards about canceling.

Cash App: $josevsqz

Instagram: @Jvz_tx

Ignacio Martinez

Freelance Journalist
Income Lost: $800

Last SXSW was my first chance to review premiering films and cover events that had the world's focus yet were happening in my backyard. Not having that opportunity this year is going to be a big setback.

Venmo id: @IgnacioMartinez
Cash App: $NacioMartinez

Instagram: @nacio_martinez

Wendee Sawran

Florist/Balloon Decor
Income Lost: $40,000

Venmo id: @WendeeS

Instagram: @Botanicalno9

Rick Kern

Income Lost: $3500

Venmo ID: @rickkern

Paypal: paypal.me/rickjkern

Instagram: @rickkern

Daniel Miller

Visual Artist
Income Lost: $8500


Venmo ID: @danneurysm

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @dannkmiller

Rachel Holtin

Content Creator
Income Lost: $3100

Devastated for our local community. More people than you know have been affected by the decision to cancel SXSW, with creatives being a main sector.

Venmo ID: @rachel-holtin

Instagram: @austinfoodstagram

Suzette Ballew

Digital Designer / SXSW Tech Event Team Member
Income Lost: $5000

I was working on booth design and was to be a member of a team touting a new smart wearable. Poof! Gone.

Paypal: [email protected]

Kay N.

Income Lost: $8000

I hate that this happened but anything y’all can do to support our community helps. Thank you so much!

Venmo ID: @DJKayCali1

Cash App: $djkaycali

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @djkaycali

Christy Howell

Scenic Artist/Carpenter
Income Lost: $600

I am a freelance carpenter and painter that works during sxsw to help parties and events come together with immersive experiences and sets.

Venmo ID: @Christypaints

Cash App: $christypaints

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @scenicspark

Rebecca Charles

Special Event Bartender
Income Lost: $2000

My venue only hosts special events. There’s no opportunity for me to get any other work.

Venmo ID: @Rebecca-Charles

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @wandering_orchid

Cory Davenport

Income Lost: $1500

I try to stay very busy during SXSW photographing local/touring bands that have had the opportunity to be a part of this great festival. With everything canceling and all of my photo gigs going away, I now have to try and book last minute gigs to make up for the stuff that I’ve lost.

Venmo ID: @Corey-Davenport-87

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @davenport_photog

Sasha Haagensen

Income Lost: $2000

Four events I was scheduled to shoot got cancelled.

Venmo ID: @Sasha-haagensen

Instagram: @Sashahaagensenphoto

Storm Calysta

Income Lost: $1000

I was hired to do press work for a SXSW event & premiere hosted by STARZ TV.

Venmo ID: @stormcalysta

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @stormcalysta

Steven Lowe

Production Assistant
Income Lost: $1800

I don’t make too much money, so this hit is pretty brutal to my yearly income. As an engineering student, I need all of the income that I can make.

Venmo ID: @Thatguylowe92

Cash App: $thatguylowe92

Paypal: [email protected]

Michelle Rollefson

Income Lost: $3000

I manage & bartend at an event only venue downtown, so all shifts were wiped out this month (all official sxsw).

Venmo ID: @mysidiavintage

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @cheltron

Myrriah Gossett

Podcast Producer/Editor
Income Lost: $1500

Thank you for making this site. These funds and connections from the festival is usually what keeps me going through slower summer months.

Venmo ID: @MyrriahGossett

Paypal: paypal.me/myrriahgossett

Instagram: @myrriahgossett

Shelley Hutchings

Performer, Bartender
Income Lost: $3500

I'm so screwed by this. I work full time on event staffing and party entertainment as well as bartend. SXSW keeps me going for the rest of the year as an independent artist and small business owner. I am literally screwed.

Venmo ID: @ursaminorloungewear

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @zeonqueen

Nate Zivin

Sound Engineer
Income Lost: $1750

I’m currently in school and don’t work frequently except for special occasions like sx; lost my biggest piece of support for the year, will need to find new ways to make the money.

Venmo ID: @natezivin

Instagram: @natezivin

Doryan Rice

Income Lost: $1500

Lost pretty much all of my SXSW gigs this year. At least I don't have Tecate Fever, though!

Venmo ID: @Doryan-Rice

Instagram: @diningwithdoryan

Whitley Brock

Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $1000

Scheduled to represent American Express for 4 days through Outfit Talent.

Venmo ID: @WhitLee

Cash App: $SassyWhit

Paypal: [email protected]

Peter Jenkins

Valet/Concierge Hospitality Services
Income Lost: $6000

I bought and secured the contract for the valet services for a prime location that would enable me to reach higher grounds and become more of a significant part of the city and this event. My rent is non refundable..and die to the loss.. It's going to be difficult to free up funds to keep my normal operation up and running. This could be the end of my business as self employed contractor… Causing me to be unemployed and having to start over from scratch😢

Venmo ID: @Pj-Pj-2

Cash App: $512pj512

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Pj.pj.512

Larissa Garcia-Baab

Producer, Production Coordinator
Income Lost: $20,000

This is more about awareness than the money for me. The longer this list grows, the more people will see how we're all hurting, and maybe they'll support the local scene.

Venmo ID: @Larissa-Garcia-Baab

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @the.austin.amazon

Dave Creaney

Income Lost: $4000

Hello! I am a local photographer who has worked SXSW events for the last 7 years. The cancellation had really impacted me this year, as I was hired throughout the month of March by various companies who unfortunately had to cancel their SXSW participation. If anyone is looking for a professional photographer, feel free to hit me up! I specialize in portrait photography and have photographed bands, buildings, food, and in journalistic settings.

Venmo ID: @Dave-creaney

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @DaveCreaney

Ian Stilwell

Pedicab Owner/Chauffeur
Income Lost: $4000

Without the income from SXSW I will be unable to pay the increased insurance rate the City of Austin requires as well as quarterly permits from the city. As a result the city will pull my permit and I will be unable to legally operate in Austin indefinitely.

Venmo ID: @Ian-Stilwell

Cash App: $IanStilwell

Megan Bernovich

Film Festival Red Carpet Team/Conference PR
Income Lost: $500

Lost my contract with SXSW PR to manage red carpets and conference talent.

Venmo ID: @meganbernie

Paypal: PayPal.Me/meganbernie

Stephanie Watkins

Stage production
Income Lost: $3800

A major week of work for most everyone in the industry here in Austin!!! 60+ stage hands, fork ops and riggers at production company I work for 😐 Some have other jobs, most of them do this for a living at multiple festivals and/or major tours. With festivals/tour cancellations this is going to impact them ALL season.

Venmo ID: @sdubsincitynv

Instagram: @Sdubsincitynv

Chad Rittenberry

Set builder, production support
Income Lost: $5500

I was the lead Carpenter for a 7 day gig. Build/strike. Production assistant for another 4 day gig. And just a one day load in and a one day load out for the third.

Venmo ID: @Chad-Rittenberry

Cash App: $ChadRittenberry

Paypal: [email protected]

Chelsea Francis

Photographer, speaker, emcee, event coordinator
Income Lost: $4375

So totally in shock that the festival is cancelled. The local economy of artists, service industry folks and self employed creatives will be feeling this for a while.

Venmo ID: @Ohhhchelsea

Cash App: $Chelsealainefrancis

Instagram: @ohhhchelsea

Marshall Walker

Income Lost: $6000

Had over 30 cancellations due to SXSW being cancelled.

Venmo ID: @Marshallforsewalker

Instagram: @Marshallfwalker

Raquel Peña

Tour Manager / Stage Manager / DJ / Merch Company
Income Lost: $3200

During SXSW, I was booked to tour manage (advance the production needs for a band), stage manager (advance lineup needs prod to show day and manage lineup on show day), and I was booked to dj two events. Secondary, my company prints and provides branded merchandise (promo products) and I had several order cancellations from major companies hosting parties.

Venmo ID: @Quellypea

Cash App: $quellypea

Paypal: PayPal.me/MerchGal

Instagram: @QuellyPea

Tre Pham

Musician/Live Sound
Income Lost: $700

Venmo ID: @trebpham

Cash App: $trebpham

Paypal: [email protected]

Ali Tahir

Catering, Event Bartending
Income Lost: $4000

I am a small caterer and event bartender, and I relied on this spring bump to help me through the rest of the year. All my gigs got cancelled and I'm scrambling to make my ends meet for the end of March.

Venmo ID: @drpakfro

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @drpakfro

Svetlana Novikova

Live Event Digital and Traditional Caricatures

Income lost: $6000

Thank you!

Venmo: @artjoy

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @AustinSillyArtist

John Blair

Service, security, barback

Income lost: $1000

I am fighting for disability after heart surgery. This SXSW was going to get me caught up until I get approved or denied. This loss is going to affect medical and home. Any help would be appreciated.

Paypal: paypal.ne/johnblair73

Grant Loveless

Spoken Word Poet, Motivational Speaker

Income lost: $750

I had 3 separate performances, each $250. As a student and spoken-word artist this is loss is hard because I depended on this money to pay for my summer semester.

Cash app: $AmbitiousChild

Instagram: @ambitious_child_

Adele Spears

Actor/performance artist

Income lost: $1200

The immersive theatre production, incident, by Unknown9 that I was hired as an actor for was cancelled when everything else was cancelled. Trying to find other opportunities to replace this one is proving difficult in such a short amount of time.

Venmo: @AdeleSpears

Paypal: paypal.me/adelespears

Kelly Ostrander

Freelance Lighting Designer / Graphics Op

Income lost: $2650

Unfortunately lost a week of lighting/Resolume work due to the SXSW cancellation. I'm going to consider myself a lucky one since ALL I lost was a week of work. The local economy in Austin is really going to take a hit like I've never seen before.

Venmo: @kelly-ostrander-1

Cash app: $kellyostrander

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @jellytoastrander

Natalie Tischler

Performing Artist

Income lost: $1900

Thank you for putting this site together! I also teach dance fitness and would love to help with a fundraiser! I happened to do a lot of research on AB5 this week. It’s a bill in California that has been passed that helps people get hired as employees and not independent contractors even on short term projects. I think something like this would be sooo helpful in situations like this where artists are just trusting they get paid and are now all getting fucked for that.

Venmo: @Natalie-Tischler

Paypal: PayPal.me/natalietischler

Instagram: @natischler

Derrick Mitchell

AC/Cam Op

Income lost: $4000

Lost 5 days of work. Everyone is hurting here and hope we can all recover a bit.

Venmo: @demitch

Cash App: $demitch

Instagram: @derrick_edgar

Peter Klemek

Gaffer - Lighting for Film & Video

Income lost: $1500

A couple of interview lighting gigs.

Venmo: @pklemek

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @pklemek

Taylor Camarot

Freelance Camera Operator
Income Lost: $8650

I was a camera operator for SXSW official, I was cancelled last minute with the event.

Venmo ID: @Taylor-Camarot

Instagram: @Taylor_Camarot

Elizabeth Massey-Henson

Event staff, catering, server
Income Lost: $1250

Widowed single mom. Work as event staff, catering, server. lost all bookings for 9 days. Thank you.

Venmo ID: @lizmhhome

Daniel Cavazos

Income Lost: $11,800

thank you to anyone who understands what the cancellation of sxsw means to the community of austin.

Venmo ID: @danielcavazos-atx

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @_danielcavazos_

Zachary Drucker

Live broadcaster/producer
Income Lost: $7650

I worked directly with the SXSW stream and creative content crew and I had the rug pulled right from under me.

Paypal: [email protected]

Oscar Martinez

Audio Engineer
Income Lost: $5000

I was scheduled to work 12 days during SXSW for a payout of $5,000. Like everyone else this was what me my Family of 3 were going to live off of during the slow seasons ahead. Anything helps, thank you for your time in reading this. Love you all.

Paypal: paypal.me/oscaramber

Miguel Johnson

DJ 5-Oh Entertainment
Income Lost: $5000

DJ 5-Oh. Disabled DJ specializing in video mixing all genres for all crowds.

Venmo: @dj5ohh

Cash App: $dj5ohh

Instagram: @dj5ohh

Stacy Mann

Income Lost: $10,000

I am a freelance producer who sunk 20 days into planning SXSW and have subsequently lost $10,000 with the cancellation. Any amount helps.

Venmo: @Stacy-Mann-1

Paypal: [email protected]

Devon Johnson

Income Lost: $3000

The surge in business for SXSW has always helped me shake off the financial slump of winter times.

Venmo: @Devonsven

Jeremy Chance

Sound Engineer
Income Lost: $6100

Understandable, but crazy, turn of events that has effected so many. Only hope is that we all get through and come back kickin' a** next year, and this virus gets nipped. Thanks to all for the consideration and action to help

Venmo: @Jeremychance1

Benjamin Howard

Musician & Freelance Network Technician
Income Lost: $2500

The event production company I contract for has released all seasonal help.

Venmo: @bassplayinben

Cash App: $bpbqdq

Instagram: @bassplayinben

Manuel Gonzales

Freelance/Event Photographer
Income Lost: $1500

SXSW is not only something I look forward to every year, but it's also a great source of income for me every year as well as a huge networking opportunity. I was so saddened by the news of the cancellation, but it warms my soul knowing people are out there helping to make up for loses. I'm in the mix of restructuring my next couple weeks to attempt to make up for my own personal loses but it's hard to make up for the joy, and excitement sxsw brings.

Venmo: @manuel89tx

Paypal: paypal.me/MGonzalesJr

Instagram: @manuel89tx

Sydney Gawlik

Photo + Video
Income Lost: $7400

I am simply one of so many feeling the weight of this.

Venmo: @sydney-gawlik

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @sydgaw

Dusana Risovic

Income Lost: $3000

Sending love to all that are affected. We will get through this.

Venmo: @Dusanar

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @dusana

Jeremy Nelson

Camera Operator
Income Lost: $7500

Lost several SXSW gigs, both official showcases and unofficial parties. Trying to book more work now, but I was counting on making a good chunk of my annual income this month.

Venmo: @glassandmagic

Cash App: $glassandmagic

Instagram: @jertown

Travis Ball

Income Lost: $1600

As a teacher, I supplement my income through work such as this each year and am devastated that SXSW isn't taking place. Best of luck to all the other creatives and gig workers out there who also count on this each year.

Venmo: @Travis-Ball-2

Instagram: @flashpackerhq

Rod Reusch

Lighting Production Company
Income Lost: $9700

We have been providing the lighting for The British Music Embassy for the past eight years. This year is a total loss.

Paypal: [email protected]

Geoffrey Gan

Video Director
Income Lost: $4500

On behalf of all the creatives, businesses and artists who lost their gigs I would like to say thank you for doing this. I lost my gig for NBA at the Austin Statesman (Mar13-15) and The outdoor show at the Auditorium Shore from (Mar 19-21). Thank you again.

Venmo: @geoffreygan

Paypal: paypal.me/geoffreygan

Instagram: @geoffgan

Marianne Violet

Airbnb co-host, hairdresser
Income Lost: $1000

I’m a freelance hairdresser and was in a car accident last week. My Airbnb co hosting was going to cover my rent. I will have to push through the pain and do what hair I can. The potential creative hair gigs I would have booked with artists and musicians is unprovable.

Venmo: @Marianne-violet

Instagram: @marianne.violet

Levi Gore

Actor, Director, Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $5000

I lost 3 gigs that I was counting on to fund a move, and help offset costs for my income. This was a third of my yearly income.

Venmo: @Ldgore27

Instagram: @levidgore90

Christina Castillo

Professional Representation
Income Lost: $4500

I attend conferences and conference sessions for people who can't go in person. No conference/No job - the closures of conferences are hurting this niche market in a bad way.

Cash App: $WinterPockets

Mark Epstein

Income Lost: $1150

hi - I’m an Austin musician (bassist)- I lost some sxsw gigs due to cancellation. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Venmo: @Mark-Epstein-3

Paypal: [email protected]

Nate Laningham

Sound Engineer
Income Lost: $1600

This is an honorable effort. You have my gratitude.

Cash App: $NathanielLaningham

Instagram: @nathanielearl

Nathan Felix

Income Lost: $6000

I was hired to produce day parties from international organizations. I was also being commissioned for orchestral arrangements and for an operetta for an unofficial.

Venmo: @NathanFelix

Cash App: $NathanFelix

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @NathanNoise

Sean Finnegan

Catering for SXSW volunteers and employees
Income Lost: $19,000

Two Spoons Catering

Venmo: @Sean-Finnegan-17

Paypal: [email protected]

Ghost Wolves

Income Lost: $1000

Thank you for supporting the Austin creative community

Venmo: @theghostwolves

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @theghostwolves

Domingo Anthony

DJ/Event Planner
Income Lost: $1500

The show must go on.

Cash App: $DomK23

Instagram: @domingoanthony

Kathryn E. Burns

Experiential Marketing Manager
Income Lost: $7000

I’m bummed lost income for several activation from Oculus to Coca-cola

Venmo: @Kat-eileen

Paypal: [email protected]

Cash App: $Kathrynb816

Instagram: @Kat.eileen

Kaci Beeler

Immersive Live Event Actor & Event MC
Income Lost: $2300

I just lost 70% of my income for March with the cancellation.

Venmo: @Kaci-Beeler

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @kacibeeler

Dylan Blackthorn

Local Accordionist
Income Lost: $2500

Thanks for the community support

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @dylanblackthorn

Joel Laviolette

Income Lost: $3200

Thanks for supporting your local artists!

Venmo: @Joel-Laviolette

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Joel.laviolette

Jake Golden

Camera Operator
Income Lost: $1400

An entire week of work was just cancelled on me.

Venmo: @TheJakeGolden

Cash App: $Goldenroad85

Hanna Barakat

Musician/Brand Ambassador/Social Media Marketing/Event Coordinator
Income Lost: $1575

My industry is in disarray due to the cancellation of SXSW, and my entire March income has been compromised due to all my Brand Ambassador gigs being cancelled for health concerns.

Venmo: @Hannabarakat

Cash App: $HannaBarakat

Paypal: PayPal.me/hannabarakat

Instagram: @hannabarakat

Erica Tommarello

Bartender / Service Industry

Income Lost: $2500

I lost my gig bartending downtown! I and many other service workers were relying on this income to get us through after a slower winter season.

Venmo: @rickchard

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @rickyrickyrickey

Jessica Nixon


Income Lost: $2000

Anything helps. I've lost modeling jobs, house sitting and income from less ride share income. Thank you. This money will help me pay bills and my taxes..

Cash App: $yersweetgal

Paypal: [email protected]

Ryan Beck


Income lost: $3000

Thanks for any help.

Venmo: @elliottbeck

Instagram: @platedprivatedining

Kaylee Lynora Silcocks

Makeup artist

Income lost: $800

I’m trying to move to Albuquerque.

Venmo: @kay_lynora

Tess Cagle


Income lost: $3500

Honestly just hoping to get hired for more gigs!

Venmo: @tesscagle

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @tesscagle

Chase Martin

Photographer/Event Production/Journalist

Income lost: $3000

Thank you for putting this together

Venmo: @chaseinaustin

Cash App: $chaseinaustin

Paypal: paypal.me/chaseinaustin

Instagram: @chaseinaustin

Brittney Vila

Video production coordinator

Income lost: $6000

Thank you so much for the support!

Venmo: @Brittney-vila

Cash app: $stellaritzbritt

Paypal: paypal.me/brittneyvila

Roneta Davis

Income Lost: $2600

I was a lead in an immersive theater production which pulled out today. That was money for groceries and to keep my car.

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @ronetalorrettadavis

Monica Skinner

Production Manager
Income Lost: $2500

I’ve decided the past handful of months almost exclusively towards advancing shows for the week of SXSW, and was heavily depending on this income for rent and food.

Venmo: @mskinna

Cash App: $misoshawty

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @misotexas

Ciera Terry

Lighting Designer/ AV Technician
Income Lost: $1000

More and more gigs are canceling due to the virus and 1k is only a small portion of my loss.

Venmo: @Ciera-Terry-1

Schivona Johnson

Sound engineer / Sound Designer / DJ
Income Lost: $3000

Thanks for the outreach and support. It’s hard to recoup whenever you’re a freelancer/creator.

Venmo: @Schivona

Cash App: $schivona

Instagram: @standnrise

Malyssa Quiles

Brand Ambassador, Performer
Income Lost: $800

Was booked to work a few marketing events, now have no work for the duration of when SXSW was going to be.

Venmo: @Malyssa-Quiles

Cash App: $MalyssaQuiles

Victoria Butash

Audio Engineer/Systems Tech
Income Lost: $3500

Venmo: @Victoria-Butash

Instagram: @veebee.audio

Dante Hill

Caterer/Event Chef
Income Lost: $2500

Was set to do my first event featuring my cuisine this Southby, and then subcontract with 2 other companies throughout the Fest. Losing the money is one thing, but so disappointed I won’t get to serve my clients.

Venmo: @CDante-Hill

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @ElleLeGaunt

Mikaela Elliott

Income Lost: $4000

Anything helps. Thank you.

Cash App: $MikaelaKenyatta

Instagram: @_mikaelaelliott

Arthur Lung

Freelance Director/DP
Income Lost: $4000

Lost two separate videography gigs during SXSW.

Venmo: @Arthur-lung

Instagram: @arthurlung

Diana Gauri

Pedicab Chauffeur
Income Lost: $3000

Income lost in ad revenue as well as business. Our business is really slow in the winter months and we hugely rely on SXSW for our income in the spring.

Venmo: @dianagauri

Paypal: [email protected]

Cash App: $dianagauri

Instagram: @dianagauri

Savannah Power

Income Lost: $3000

Any help is appreciated 🙏🏻

Venmo: @Savannah-Power

Instagram: @Savannahmakesamovie

Funmi Ogunro

Income Lost: $8000

Venmo: @funmi-ogunro

Cash App: $artiscoolseries

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @fumfum_ko

Ethan Thuringer

Income Lost: $1347

Lost out on photographing some house shows, presentations, and brand representatives.

Venmo: @ethan-thuringer

Instagram: @ethuringer

Ryan Light

Income Lost: $9600

If you are a creative in Austin you know how important the work created by SXSW is for everyone. For me it’s usually the moment when things turn around fiscally. Video productions get really slow from dec to feb. So I really look forward to SXSW. The income helps coming out of a tough part of the year. I can't imagine the repercussion it might have for some folks.

Venmo: @ryan-light-76

Instagram: @ryanlightfilms

Albert Ledet

Lighting Operator
Income Lost: $5000

I had several gigs as a lighting and video operator lined up that were all canceled.

Venmo: @AlbertLedet

Cash App: $ledetalbert

Paypal: [email protected]

James Allen

Fabricator, DJ, Artist
Income Lost: $6000

this hurts pretty bad y'all. =)

Cash App: $happyhappyjames

Instagram: @happyhappyjamesworld

Craig Floyd

SXSW event specialist
Income Lost: $2500

Any help is huge.

Venmo: @Craig-floyd-1

Cash App: $CraigF8

Christopher Head

SXSW event specialist
Income Lost: $17,000

I am losing at least $17,000 on managing a pretty big event during SX. The event I manage was to pay around $3,000 for my labor and time. I also rent out screen management systems and cameras to different shows. I was booked out. Not a huge business and not looking to make most of that back. Mostly if I could make my labor back that help with mortgage and feeding our family. My wife works in room service and is taking a hit as well. We have 2 kids. I found this site FB. I would love to provide the services at a discounted rate and make something wonderful happen in the process. We could livestream the event to youtube or a preferred platform. I have all the equipment to make this happen. I am linked in with most venues and people in the business. Let's make something happen.

Paypal: [email protected]

Emily Holder

Chef/Event Chef/Service Industry
Income Lost: $2500

Devastating Loss of income.

Venmo: @Eholder88

Instagram: @Eho__atx

Theresa Stoll

Film Industry/ Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $2500

Lost 13 days of work as an actress and brand ambassador

Venmo: @Theresa-Stoll

Instagram: @theresamarieofficial

Jennifer Hennigan

Boudoir Photographer
Income Lost: $3000

I had clients booked up who were traveling in for the event and have all had to cancel their session with me. If they all had made my minimum purchase I was expecting $3k from the week.

Venmo: @jennifer-hennigan-2

Cash App: $jlh2015

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @eyecandyboudoiratx

Peter Fox

Event Production, A/V lead
Income Lost: $5000

Venmo: @ThePeterFox

Cash App: $ThePeterFox

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @ThePeterFox

Anne-Marie Halovanic

Income Lost: $5000

Anything helps !!! 😓😓

Venmo: @Anne-Marie-Halovanic

Instagram: @Annemariehalo

Rose Wallin

Event Bartender
Income Lost: $2500

I don’t know who you are, but thank you for putting this site together!

Venmo: @freethedrinks

Instagram: @rawmeatwar

Michael Davis

Income Lost: $3000

Due to the recent canceled SXSW event, I will be out of 3000. I hope you find it in your heart to help me out. I have to kids I need to attend to. Any little that you can give will be more than welcome.

Cash App: $Michael83Davis

Olivia Vale

Income Lost: $6500

Lost most of my month's income. Finger's crossed for a SXSW reschedule! I lost a multi-day corporate event photography gig for Dell and another couple of SXSW gigs. Because I was contracted through another contractor, I did not have a retainer. So sad. It's the month before my wedding, so this is tough. Sending love!

Venmo: @olivia-vale

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @olivia_vale_photography

Thomas Burke

Event Production
Income Lost: $5000

I had 13 days of work lined up and taken away. A lot of people don’t realize how many people count on Sxsw to make it through the slow season of the holidays.

Venmo: @Thomas-Burke-94

Instagram: @Godofthesun13

Glenn Lenard

Event Producer, Contract
Income Lost: $7000

Anything will help! Sending positive vibes to all those who have lost due to cancellation and lack of event.

Venmo: @Glenn-Lenard

Cash App: $GlennLenard

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Glenn.lenard

Daniel Pena

Venue Manager for The Sunset Room
Income Lost: $3500

We were hosting the Dell Experience Lounge

Cash App: $penad99

Instagram: @djpena75

Blaine Schultz

Income Lost: $1000

Lost my DJ/production gig.

Venmo: @blaine-Schultz

Instagram: @Blaineatx88

Stacy Wheeler

Balloon Artist/Decorator
Income Lost: $10,250

We’re a small team of three — two cofounders and one employee, and it’s our second year in business. We were excited to use the SXSW season to hit our Q1 targets, which include saving $17,000 to put toward a bigger delivery van. Less looking for charity and more looking for work — if you need balloons at an event, reach out through our web form www.theballooncollective.com/contact

Venmo: @stacynicolewheeler

Paypal: paypal.me/pineapple9008

Instagram: @theballooncollective

Steven Huang

Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $2000

Thanks for reading my donation. I would've lost out about 65 hours, about $30/hour. As a marketing student at the University of Texas at Austin, the lost income is quite significant Appreciate all donations, thanks again.

Paypal: [email protected]

Caitlynn Clay

Lighting Technician
Income Lost: $2700

Single mom!! Losing this money would be a disaster for our family. Any help is appreciated!

Venmo: @caitlynn-clay

Cash App: $caitlynnclay1

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @caitlynnclay

Rebecca Dreiling

Film Production - Producer / Coordinator
Income Lost: $1000

Appreciate all the support we’re giving each other.

Venmo: @RebeccaDreiling

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @rebeccathered

Jacob Tarpley

Stagehand, Crew Chief
Income Lost: $4000

Was booked with multiple gigs as usual being an Austin local and lost all the funds to help take care of me and my family. So sad to see this happen not that it’s not understandable but sadly that doesn’t help. Not one to ever ask for a hand like this but honestly don’t see a better option at the moment. Hope all have a great week none the less of what we are going through together maybe we can make a week out of this bump in the road.

Venmo: @Terps

Cash App: $Terpley

Instagram: @Bangerspray

Jennifer Vacca

Brand ambassador
Income Lost: $3000

Thank you so much for your support. This means so much to us.

Venmo: @kaykae89

Instagram: @Jennieeegetsdown89

Nicholas Carroll

Video Production
Income Lost: $3250

I was scheduled to coordinate camera crews for two weeks of talks.

Venmo: @nicholas-j-carroll

Instagram: @nicholasjcarroll

Mason Janak

Drag Queen
Income Lost: $750

I had a gig lined up with HBO to promote a new show. Gig was going to have a “workshop,” which, would feature different local Austin queens.

Venmo: @Missmayyy69

Paypal: paypal.me/Maymay6696

Cash App: $May6696

Instagram: @Maymagdalene

Ann Alva Wieding

Freelance Photographer
Income Lost: $2000

Hello! I’m reaching out because I work directly for SXSW every year photographing all the events. My work is then used in social media, marketing and the magazine. Now I have effectively lost my job. So I’m putting out the feelers for anyone looking to hire a photographer for events, portraits, etc. I know that several events are still happening and if you need coverage, I’m your gal! Check out my portfolio at: www.bigredmuse.com I have a whole lot of time on my hands and a hole in my pocket. Thanks in advance!

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @bigredmuse

Susan Seaborne

Events Bartender
Income Lost: $2000

Like all of the service industry we depend on these shift to balance the slow season over the winter. With the cancellation we’re left not being able to schedule other jobs.

Venmo: @Sseaborne

Emily Priest

Sound Engineer & A/V
Income Lost: $2250

I’m a live sound engineer a/v freelancer and I’ve had 80 hrs of work canceled in the last few days from conference and show cancellations.

Venmo: @EPsoundsATX

Paypal: PayPal.Me/EPsoundsATX

Instagram: @ejpriest

Justin Gutierrez

Income Lost: $3500

I am a 9 year resident of Austin and frequenter of SX. Almost all of the gigs I accepted to work for, over the course of the next two weeks, have been cancelled or have been dropped from the schedule with no attempt at helping me find other work. This festival is a HUGE money maker for people like me that pick up bar or serving shifts during the fest bc it can be much more rewarding, in terms of income. Thank you so much for your time.

Venmo: @jstnsane

Instagram: @elburritoboy

Tyler Tipton

Income Lost: $700

As an actor I depend on the flexibility of Brand Ambassador gigs to help make ends meet while still maintaining the time to audition and work on projects. I was booked on a 4 day gig and had a few more potential opportunities arise with the festival which was going to help make up for the past couple months that have been very slow with both acting and brand ambassador gigs.

Venmo: @Tyler-Tipton

Instagram: @ttip09

Tyler Laa

Driver, Stand-Up Comedian, Special Event Bartender
Income Lost: $7500

Disabled Vet with plans on finishing my degree this fall. Planned on using the money to float the rest of the year.

Venmo: @Kaohukai

Paypal: kaohukai

Cash App: $Kaohukai

Instagram: @PolynesianPatriot

Angela Yocum

Special Events Bartender
Income Lost: $3000

Thank you to whoever is organizing this! We count on Sxsw every year to make our Spring season the best it can be. Our company specializes in outdoor events so everything we do is weather dependent. Since the winter months are so slow, we look forward to Sxsw to start the year off right. I truly hope every single person on this list gets some kind of help or future job opportunity. Hang in there guys!

Venmo: @Angela-Yocum

Cash App: $AngYocum27

Instagram: @Angyocum

Kevin Squires

Scenic Carpenter
Income Lost: $8000

I cannot even fathom the future repercussions from this cancelation. Meanwhile the immediate financial devastation is daunting enough.

Venmo: @Kevin-Squires-1

Instagram: @thecreativesquire

Akash Kataria

Music and Events Photographer
Income Lost: $2000

If anyone has leads on available bartender or barista jobs I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Venmo: @AkashK

Cash App: $mellowcorn

Instagram: @shotbyAK

Kristen McKelvie

Flower Wall Designer
Income Lost: $1800

We had events that were in the process of being booked but fell through because of the cancellation and events that the deposit had been paid for but not the remaining balance that are now canceled.

Venmo: @KristenMcKelvie

Cash App: $kmckelvie

Instagram: @AustinFlowerWalls

Gabriela Barrera

Venue Front of House Staff
Income Lost: $1000

I typically pay my taxes and catch up on bills after sxsw. We are all taking a hit with this one.

Venmo: @gabriela-barrera-3

Instagram: @ thegabrielamarie

Noah Jewell

Production Manager
Income Lost: $3500

Venmo: @Noah-Jewell

Cash App: $NoahJewell

Gabrielle Gibson

Owner - Mobile Bar
Income Lost: $2000

I’m the owner of Kickstand Mobile. We are a converted horse-trailer turned bar. This was going to be our very first SXSW, as first time business owners. We purchased the trailer 8 months ago. We were set for a gig at the Wellness Expo for three days with Seedlip renting us out. This was a huge blow to us bc it was the only paid event for the month. Everything else we are doing for free to get our name out there. Now we aren’t even sure if that is happening. Would really appreciate any help we can get.

Paypal: kickstandmobile

Instagram: @kickstandmobile

Madison Laird

Performer, Event Specialist, Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $3000

As an actor, this event being cancelled has devastated me both personally and financially. I know I will bounce back but this is a huge blow as I prepare for a move and work towards my next bookings. My heart is with all of the creative community. Good luck, y'all! Heads high.

Venmo: @Madison-Laird

Instagram: @madisonmlaird

Phillip Rios

Video Production
Income Lost: $14000

I worked with Sxsw main video production that coordinates and produces all content across every platform for the festival

Venmo: @phillip-rios-2

Paypal: phillyart

Instagram: @phillyr86

Noah VanEtin

Income Lost: $2600

I work as a stagehand and lost an entire 2 weeks of income

Venmo: @Noah-VanEtin

Paypal: [email protected]

Titilayo Ayangade

Cellist, Photographer
Income Lost: $1000

I lost a music gig where I was scheduled to perform cello with 7 other musicians as part of a show on Thursday, March 19. The show has obviously been cancelled.

Venmo: @titiandco

Instagram: @plantainplantpants

Thomas Lucenti

Stage Hand, Scenic Artist
Income Lost: $6000

I went from having only four days off in March, and really long hours most days to only having one day of work. I don't know how I'm going to pay rent or any of my bills at this point.

Venmo: @Tom-Lucenti

Instagram: @calitexication

Gabby Desporte

Income Lost: $1200

Thank you so much for putting this together and thank you for thinking about the community!

Venmo: @gabryella

Paypal: [email protected]

Cash App: $g69bz

Instagram: @gabryella.exe

Drew DeGennaro

Video + Event Production
Income Lost: $18500

Was line producing three high-profile events downtown. COVID-19 has ‘delayed’ 4 other shoots we had scheduled and we are bracing for months of no income at the moment.

Venmo: @drewdegennaro

Instagram: @beardproducer

Rondell Parham

Income Lost: $1200


Cash App: $RPfitnessmodel

Paypal: rondellparham

Instagram: @rondellparham

Rich Shepard

Income Lost: $5000

I lead a cover band (mostly mid-90's greats like Sugar Ray) that plays gigs in bars around town. However, I do not have a Venmo or PayPal or any of that. Could you still put us up any way? I'd really appreciate it. I'm not very tech savvy.

Instagram: @richshepard67

Marshall Tidrick

Income Lost: $14500

I think the most important message for people to take from this is that no matter how well it seems that someone is doing in a freelance job, remember that it’s a very fragile and volatile career. It’s part of the stress we take on with this decision. It’s not all flowers and rainbows, but we love it so much that we do it anyway. Also, this won’t keep us down. We’ve got each other’s backs.

Venmo: @marshalltidrickphoto

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @marshalltidrickphoto

Olivia Benamati

Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $500

I look forward to sxsw for a good amount of my monthly income. And this hit is really putting a damper on my funds to live.

Venmo: @oliviabenamati

Cash App: $oliviabenamati

Instagram: @obenamati

Bethany DiBaggio

Income Lost: $120000

This is just devastating for our team and company - a very solid chunk of our annual revenue that will certainly set us back. We had 16 separate services canceled related to SXSW, all in that first 4 day stretch of interactive. The last few that we assume are dropping are just completely ghosting us - refuse to pay or respond even though they have signed contracts. Really the most bizarre situation we have ever seen.

Venmo: @laperacatering

Instagram: @laperaaustin

Lori Kovacevich

Actress, Bartender
Income Lost: $4000

I was booked as principle talent for a SXSW live performance activation for a new show, Motherland: Fort Salem. Pay was $1000/day for three days plus rehearsal and fitting pay ($85/hr). As an actress, high paying gigs like these don’t come along very often. Additionally, was meant to bartend Ray Benson’s Birthday Party. I’d estimate the total loss to about $4000 at the least. I am an independent contractor and do not get paid on a consistent, regular basis. This work was a large part of my quarterly income. Any assistance would mean the world. Will happily take any work offered as well. If you’re looking for an extra hand with anything at all, let me know!

Venmo: @Lori-Kovacevich

Instagram: @lorikov

Michael Mena

Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $4000

I am a full time brand ambassador that was contracted by capital metro to direct visitors and guest throughout the city during SXSW. I was fully booked every day for the month of March and my shifts where every day from 10 am to 3 am.

Venmo: @Michael-mena-9

Paypal: mikekmena

Instagram: @Michaelkeith17

Taylor Fono

Income Lost: $3000

I was supposed to act in an event and be a guide for it during the festival for Motherland: Fort Salem.

Venmo: @taylorfono

Instagram: @taylorfonoactor

Quinton Dennis

DJ, Event Coordinator, Stagehand
Income Lost: $2500

Thank you for this opportunity.

Venmo: @QQuinQuinton

Instagram: @ QQuinQuinton

Genevieve Hartman

Income Lost: $1000

If there are other opportunities in immersive events, I'd love to hear about them; I have my acting resume ready to send. I was working for Reflector's "Unknown 9" immersive event (co-run by The Company P and cast by Jackalope), running for 10 days at a rate of $100/day. The money loss hurts plenty, but it hurts more that this would have been a "big break" for me in the field I'm in. If possible, I'd like to use my now-free time to set up more work.

Venmo: @Genevieve-Smith-20

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @rapunzevieve

Jeanie Caulfield

Production Manager
Income Lost: $7000

I had my primo gig, then I had a back up, then I had a back up to my back up, then I had the “yeah I’m probably going to cancel that gig” gig. Then they all dropped like flies! This one really hurts.

Venmo: @jeaniecaulfield


Instagram: @NuclearJBomb

Evan Adamson

Freelance Film
Income Lost: $8000

I am a freelance filmmaker and I lost 3 different shooting gigs that amounted to $5000. I normally pick up additional jobs a day or 2 before, and count on making about $8000 every SXSW. It’s one of my biggest sources of income for the year, so this cancellation is detrimental.

Venmo: @evan-adamson

Paypal: esadamson

Instagram: @Evan.adamson

Sandra Dahdah

Income Lost: $4000

Thank you for caring!

Venmo: @sandra-dahdah

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @ sandradahdah

Catherine Cledelin

Small Business Owner
Income Lost: $5000

I was finally about to relaunch my business after loosing everything to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I had several orders lined up for clients coming to town for SXSW that ended up being canceled.

Paypal: [email protected]


Michael Miller

Sound Engineer, Stagehand
Income Lost: $1500

A lot of people think that its just the bands that make money during SXSW. i had a whole month of set up and tear down with multiple staging companies drop over night leaving me unable to pay the bills. I was accounting for this money to come in at the end of the month leaving me to scramble to find other work outside of Austin and incur traveling expenses as well. This is heartbreaking, I’ve been living in a school bus all winter and this boost to my income was what i was gonna use to get myself and my girlfriend into an apartment so we could get her son back home with us who has been staying with her friend for over a year now

Venmo: @tsardjent

Cash App: $tsardjent

Paypal: [email protected]

Matthew Kluchin

Freelance Production Sound Mixer and Stagehand
Income Lost: $17000

I had a 2-week long shoot scheduled and other stagehand work. Sadly, I already had a painfully slow couple of months before SXSW. While I’m not in a place to say no to any generous donations, I’d equally like people to just keep me in mind for their production sound on future film and multimedia projects! I’m a Sound Mixer who loves working on a variety of content! Let’s turn this tragedy into a way to connect with future collaborators!

Venmo: @Matthew-Kluchin

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @mkluchin

Brandon Hamilton

Production, Stagehand, Musician
Income Lost: $5000

Lost multiple stage and production gigs and much like many other people rely on this time of year to get a solid jumpstart for the year. Available for any work opportunities though I know everyone needs work right now and opportunities are probably limited.

Venmo: @Brandon694ever

Paypal: [email protected]


Mario Villeda

Income Lost: $4600

This is the busiest time of the year and lost all my gigs. Photo booth and event photography

Venmo: @Mviphotos

Cash App: $Mviphotos

Instagram: @Mariovilledaphotography

Colin Pittman

Freelance Filmmaker
Income Lost: $1050

Hello, I am about to go full time as a freelancer and this job was hopefully gonna cover a month of expenses for me to get there. I mainly want to do this as a way to show awareness of how it affects. Thank you for even giving this a read!

Venmo: @its-PiTS-again

Instagram: @co_pitty

Brad Ernst

Event Labor Provider
Income Lost: $28860

Event Tex is a small event labor and production outfit in Austin, TX. We are responsible for bringing to life each year, the Trail of Lights, UT Football's Bevo Blvd, and countless other projects throughout the year. During SXSW each year, we find ourselves kicking the shit out of each and every project we work on. We worked in 18 different venues during SXSW 2018. Each year is different. This year is VERY different. We provide dozens of event management professionals with opportunities to bring these events to life. None of these people will have the income to pay their bills this month. Our jaws are on the floor about this. The calculation of lost business above is a combined total of the agreed upon estimates for the following gigs we had lined up. SnapChat FX - DAVE FX - Devs FX- SHADOWS the new mutants Pacman at cafe blue Fast company grill Inc. Magazine Capital Factory HK Stages (multiple venues). Typically we will pick up brand new clients on the fly during the week of. So theres no way to estimate for that, but we would likely have done more business than what was already confirmed.

Venmo: @eventtex

Cash App: $eventtex

Instagram: @ Myusernamewastaken1

Keegan Cook

Freelance Filmmaker
Income Lost: $1800

I love the Austin community and the solidarity shown here is amazing.

Venmo: @KeegsCook

Instagram: @keegscook

Hannah Elcan

Camera Operator/Camera Assistant
Income Lost: $1100

Single mom!! Losing this money would be a disaster for our family. Any help is appreciated!

Venmo: @hannahelcan

Instagram: @hannahelcan

Bret Hartman

Income Lost: $1500

I’m a photographer here in Austin. I was supposed to shoot an event for Paramount Studios for a film premiere for $500 and then I usually pick up other last minute jobs and assignments from magazines, studios and music labels during the duration of the festival. One the low end I would have made $500 but it’s possible I would have made more than $5000. As a photographer I can’t really estimate how much I’m going to make because of all the last minute jobs that happen.

Venmo: @brethartman

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @brethartman

Alexander Strenger

Pedicab Driver
Income Lost: $3000

I drive a pedicab in downtown Austin and the cancellation of SXSW has had a devastating effect on me economically. I lost out on about $3k worth of income, and that money would have gone a long way towards bills, savings, my jujitsu career, as well as various creative projects that I independently finance. Any and all contributions help tremendously. I know this is a rough time for everybody, so if you cannot help directly, please help by taking a Pedicab :)

Venmo: @Alexander-Strenger

Cash App: AlexStrenger

Instagram: @thealexstrenger

David Porcher

Specialty Coffee Catering
Income Lost: $25000

The timing of this cancellation is brutal on our local business. We are a small company who has been a mobile-only specialty coffee business for the last 5 years but we have been pouring ALL of our resources for the last 11 months into finally building a brick and mortar location to centralize our catering operations, open a cupping lab, tasting room, and start roasting our own specialty coffees. We are a small company so this has been a massive undertaking for us and SxSW is always our busiest weeks of the year and a much needed financial boost. We turned down a lot of non-SxSW related gigs over the last few months to leave slots open for our big clients so now we are left with no work and a ton of extra stock and gear we bought to fulfill our event's demands. The money that would have come in during our SxSW catering gigs would have helped us finish getting our new facility open but now or are left with dwindled resources which may stall our business. We had $18,000 in confirmed events and another $7,000 in pending/probable which puts our loss up to $25,000 from this cancellation. We truly love serving people well so we were also disappointed to lose that opportunity also. Please spread the word about our catering services and any interest that people might have in our soon-to-be new offerings of 3rd wave specialty roasted coffee and cold brew (such as offices that want better coffee solutions for their breakrooms or coffee shops and restaurants looking for a better quality locally roasted coffee or training) please pass us along to anyone you know may be interested we appreciate y'all very much and are sad to see so many are hurting over this cancelation. We love our Austin and how Austin loves local small business!

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @nearbycoffeeco

Keith Caruthers

Production, Stagehand, Site Manager
Income Lost: $2800

It's heartbreaking, I had promised my daughter a vacation with all my SXSW money that is going to break her heart when I have to cancel.

Venmo: @keeferc

Instagram: @A.gram.inatantly

Essam Osman

Filmmaker, Production
Income Lost: $2400

Hi, I was scheduled to work on the film festival production. At least 11 shifts of work were confirmed and now lost. I am glad to be able to share my story at the very least. Thank you for the opportunity.

Venmo: @Essam-osman

Paypal: [email protected]

Chase Bradburn

Film Production
Income Lost: $3000

Every year for SXSW I work on the Film Production Event Crew. We are the behind the scenes involved in keeping the film venues running.

Venmo: @Chase-Bradburn

Paypal: [email protected]

Patrick Blackard

Gaffer/Lighting Director
Income Lost: $2000

Not as bad as some people here, and I should be able to compensate with non-SXSW work. But thanks so much for doing this for those who lost more.

Mark Smith

Photographer, Drone Pilot
Income Lost: $5500

Lost two weeks of work.


Cash App: JumpPictures

Instagram: @InDistantLands

Jennifer Piatowski

Graphic Designer
Income Lost: $0

I didn’t lose my gig but I want to support! Looking forward to helping our wherever I can 🎉

Venmo: @jpiatkows

Instagram: @Jenn.is.creativecurls

Kristen Graham

Small Business Owner - Print Shop
Income Lost: $40000

We wait For SX every year knowing it is going to be one of our busiest seasons. We pre buy materials, staff up and turn back smaller new clients in preparation for the needs for our larger SXSW clients. We open our shop 24 hours a day 7 days a week in order to accommodate the many artists and companies that participate in the event.

Venmo: @AustinTexasPrint

Paypal: [email protected]

Jarrod Yerkes

Event Lighting
Income Lost: $3000

I'm a lighting tech who like many others absolutely need SXSW every single year to get us through the year. I've never asked for help but I never expected to be in a situation like this. Anything helps. Thanks.

Venmo: @JarrodY

Amitai Plasse

Live Painting/Drawing
Income Lost: $7500

Hey All, Lost a bunch of live drawing and painting gigs, appreciate any help or live drawing/painting or animation projects (I also do creative workshops) to help offset. You can check out my work @ http://GonzoViz.com . Thanks!

Venmo: @Amitai-Plasse

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @gonzoviz

Amber Genuske

Video & Photo Producer/Director
Income Lost: $2500

Hello! I am a producer & director and co-own a production company called Red Riding Hood Productions. We focus on narrative-based storytelling for people, brands, and organizations. The monetary loss is a blow, but the larger ramifications and fallout of the cancellations are what is the scariest part! I know we're all going to be hurting for a while. BUT I believe in this community and am truly touched by how it's banding together to help. How. Damn. Cool. Thank you for your efforts, I appreciate it a ton. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help -- we'd love to get the word out, tell your story through video, or anything else you have in mind.

Venmo: @Amber-Genuske

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @agenuske

Zaquan Henry

Income Lost: $2500

I am a local photographer who has worked SXSW events for the last 2 years. The cancellation had really impacted me this year, as many of the organizers have had to cancel their SXSW participation. If anyone is looking for a professional photographer, feel free to look me up! I specialize in event photography and have photographed bands, Dj's, food, Racecar events and much more.

Venmo: @topshelfvinyl

Paypal: topshelfvinyl

Instagram: @topshelfvinyl

Anilyn Fabello

Sign/Event Artist
Income Lost: $1200

I've worked SXSW since 2015. My jobs are often last minute, so the rumors didn't help. I'm submitting an amount for those who did call early and a fraction of what I did in 2019. Good luck to everyone. Tough times! Love to the artists and production people who make magic happen for the good of all of us!

Venmo: @Anilyn

Cash App: Anilyn

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Anilyn101

Sarah Sparkles

Performance Artist
Income Lost: $1600

I am an aerial artist, lollipop performer, contortionist, roller skater, and general go-getter! Please let me know if you can use my services! Thank you!

Venmo: @Sarah_Marsh

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @sparklebottoms

David Parella

Income Lost: $5000

Well this sucks lol. Thanks for making this site! Not personally interested in direct donations or anything, but wanted to add my number to the pot for statistics.

Venmo: @bossdavidj

Instagram: @Steadidavid

Tony Lopez-Cepero

Income Lost: $6300

Freelance cameraman/videographer started working sxsw as a volunteer at 15.

Venmo: @Tony-Lopez-Cepero

Instagram: @thetlc

David Boss

Freelance master carpenter and AV technician.
Income Lost: $4000

I was scheduled to lead building crews to install a show at 800 Congress and a satellite show at the convention center called New Japan Islands. The clients were definitely planning on coming from Japan as our hours were extended two hours before the big announcement. We’re talking 10-20% of my annual income.

Venmo: @bossdavidj

Cash App: $davidjboss

Instagram: @professorbossgellar

Vogue Vignette

Style Sketching Artist
Income Lost: $2200

It's rough but sending love to everyone.

Venmo: @VogueVignette

Cash App: $VogueVignette

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @VogueVignette

Leila Noone

Aerialist / Acrobat
Income Lost: $2000

I had a number of circus gigs get canceled. SXSW is usually a huge money making event for circus artists. With all the unique events and music coming in, we often get hired to do activations and accompany bands.

Venmo: @leilaNoone

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @leileinoone

Megan Baker

Photography (event and creative/conceptual)
Income Lost: $2000

Had all events I was booked to shoot cancel in less than 24 hours after film had been purchased. A scary whirlwind of a day.

Venmo: @Megantbaker

Cash App: $Megantbaker

Instagram: @Megantbaker

Stephanie Dale

Event manager
Income Lost: $600

I was contracted to work (3) events for sxsw. Money was going toward mortgage & bills. Seeing how this effects almost everyone I know has really put being a freelancer into perspective.

Venmo: @steph-dale

Devin Parker

Income Lost: $2800

Every security gig i booked the next 2 weeks was canceled. We will rise from this together Austin!

Venmo: @Devin-Armand-Parker

Cash App: $TAD512

Jonathan Simon

Income Lost: $7000

Thank you very much for putting this together. I can send an itemized list of the specific gigs, client names and contracted rate upon request.

Venmo: @jonathan-simon

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @gatsbydj

Jill Bailey

Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $520

You are so kind to organize this. I lost my gig as a brand ambassador for the SXSW Wellness Expo. Brand Ambassador work is my sole income. My partner is disabled and cannot work. I have had other work cancelled due to COVID-19 and am bracing myself for more cancellations. As an independent contractor it is very worrying. Thank you so much!

Paypal: [email protected]

Amanda Arredondo

Income Lost: $2500

I plan my year around sx as a full time service industry worker that goes to school and has to pay for my medications monthly. I’m technically disabled and SXSW getting cancelled is terrible. If I lost $1500-$2500 in income then I can only imagine it’s much worse for others.

Venmo: @Mexicanllama

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Goodbyeeearl

Jen Hagerty

Income Lost: $4000

I was the shuttle coordinator for SXSW. I had been working on the program since January. This was going to be my first SXSW. We were one week out from my program starting. I'm under confidentiality so I can't be too specific, but the program was going to be better than ever before and I was changing things. After we got the news, I obviously lost my job. I should be at work today.. but I decided to fly back to my parents house until I know I can get another gig. I'm heartbroken, I put my heart into that project. It wasn't even about the money.

Venmo: @jen-hagerty

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @recordloverjen

Selma Sosa

Professional Makeup Artist
Income Lost: $5000

I totally understand why they canceled. It just sucks for small business. Having to pay bills this month is going to be tough.

Venmo: @Sosamakeupandstyling

Cash App: $Sosamakeupandstyling

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Sosamakeupandstyling

Lauren Wilkins

Producer - Branded/Commercial Content
Income Lost: $4000

Afraid that this is just the tip of the iceberg for people within the entertainment, marketing and arts communities. Who knows what the next 6mo will bring? My heart goes out to everyone affected and touched by this loss <3

Venmo: @wilkins-renee

Instagram: @pilotwilkins

Sabina Mendez

Camera Department
Income Lost: $3500

I work as a 2nd AC and have been slowly building my connections in the industry. I was so excited to be brought back again for SXSW as my second year working with them. I said no to other shoots when I got booked for this, bought extra equipment to be ready for the festival and now with it being canceled I'm scrambling to find work for this month to hold me over for the next month following.

Venmo: @Sabrina-Mendez-6

Instagram: @smsabrinamendez

Knoxy Knox

Income Lost: $1500

Thank you for helping us out! SXSW canceling cost me the photography gigs I had lined up, and was depending on. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Venmo: @knoxy-knox-77

Instagram: @knoxphotographics

Darcie Westerlund

Income Lost: $5000

I am a local event photographer. This is my busiest month. All my work cancelled and they have all requested deposits back. Are! What a mess!

Venmo: @@Darcie-westerlundsiiteri

Paypal: [email protected]

Randi Reding

Income Lost: $2500

love seeing the community come together like this!

Venmo: @randi-reding

Instagram: @randireding

Kelly Pena

Event Catering Lead
Income Lost: $5000

Its unfortunate due to sxsw being canceled so many artists, musicians, event coordinators and everyone in the service industry have taken the fall for this. This month is what alot of indie businesses rely on to make a big profit and income for the whole year. Especially for jobs like catering where scheduling is based off of busy/slow seasons. I pray that God will somehow provide for everyone to make it through these hard times of need. I hope we find the right opportunities to help our businesses grow. Keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle to keep families fed and enough money to survive.

Cash App: $KellyMPena

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @kellzstayweird

Brett Kura

Audio Visual
Income Lost: $1500

I work for a company called psav. we were contracted to set up and tear down a lot of shows throughout the two weeks of SXSW. I'm out of work for the next two weeks because events are cancelled.

Cash App: $Bchura

Melody Schifflet

Bartender, Barback, Door Person
Income Lost: $1000

I lost my door and security hours, 70hours in 9 days @ $15 hour.

Venmo: @melody-shifflet

Cash App: $melodyshifflet

Instagram: @melodyshifflet

Sarah Kinsey

Event Lead at Catering Company
Income Lost: $2200

I lost 10 days of 10-16 hour shifts. I’m a bar lead for Pink Avocado catering and we do multiple events everyday for 10 days. Me and my coworkers block these dates out months in advance and now have nothing to fall back on. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make rent this month and pay bills. Anything would definitely help this month.

Venmo: @Sarakat

Instagram: @sarakat32

Holly Jee

Income Lost: $650

Putting a dollar amount on the loss we are experiencing from this is impossible. Alongside paying gigs, I also make a plethora of connections each year that turn into clients. This one hurts.

Venmo: @HollyJee

Cash App: $HollyJeeATX

Paypal: HollyJee

Instagram: @Holly__Jee

Ryan Gronquist

Video Production
Income Lost: $3800

I’m a videographer and have been shooting for sxsw as part of their pro media team for about 9 years. In addition to the work I do with them, I was negotiating a day rate for shooting a project with one additional client that was a finalist in the SXSW innovation awards.

Venmo: @Ryan-Gronquist

Instagram: @ryangronquist

Minoj Topiwala

Professional Chauffer
Income Lost: $6000

I was counting on the extra working income to supplement very slow summer months in Austin! Now, there is a big uncertainty! The company I work with provides no benefits & pays bare minimum (less than living wage). Tips are what we, chauffeurs, rely on in the service industry, certainly with high level & profile clients coming into SXSW events. This will not be happening now.

Venmo: @Manoj-Topiwala

Zachary Timm

Freelance Camera Operator
Income Lost: $5000

I was set to work for SXSW as a camera operator on the red carpets, but am now without work.

Venmo: @Zach-Timm-1

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @zachtimm

Melissa Anderson

Graphic Designer, Wrap Specialist
Income Lost: $15000

I lost a lot of money. One job alone I was supposed to make $12,000 wrapping a building, every year we have over 20 separate jobs for SXSW. Company name is Badfish Graphics.

Venmo: @Melissa-Anderson-299

Cash App: $Melissabee69

Joey Hood

Special Events Bartender
Income Lost: $2000

As I don’t work in a brick and mortar bar, it will be impossible to recoup the lost income from cancelled special events.

Venmo: @jashleyhood

Cash App: $jashleyhood

Instagram: @jashleyhood

Leila Scott

Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $1500

South by leaving was soul crushing. Not only because of the fact that weeks before I was set to go to LA as a film festival judge 80% of my income and it immediately. The medical client that I was caring for personally had passed away unexpectedly. Coming back from LA I knew the struggle would be very difficult, until I was introduced to a company and offered a gig to work many hours during south by for promotions, as well as acting. At the end of the day like many other actors and artists out there I unfortunately had to hear about the cancellation of south by through a third-party vendor who had emailed stating they were still going to continue their event. At that point I googled south by cancellation and found out it was in fact canceled. It is a devastating blow financially as this money was literally going to carry me for several months. And now the difficulty with scraping to find funds just to feed myself, and my dogs, has been quite the whirlwind. But I will Make it . I don’t have a choice. I can only try my best to look for other active work, because I need a job that is extremely flexible with my acting schedules. Which makes it that much more difficult to do a traditional 9-to-5 job.

Venmo: @Leila-Anastasia

Cash App: $LeilaAnastasia

Paypal: LeilaAnastasia

Instagram: @Leila_Anastasia_86

Jamal Knox

Audio Engineer, Stagehand
Income Lost: $3200

I'm a sound engineer in Austin and I lost a bunch of gigs. 7 days during SXSW EDU and 4 days for SXSW Auditorium Shores.

Venmo: @JamalKnox

Cash App: $JamalKnox

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @jamalknoxx

James Fitzsimmons

Lighting Technician
Income Lost: $1650

I lost $900 in ilios lighting gigs, and so far $750 to sidebar audio gigs so far. Still unsure if the remaining $1000 I hope to still make on to of that.

Venmo: @JamesFitzsimmons2020

Cash App: $JamesGFitzsimmons

Paypal: [email protected]

Cesar Tolentino

Missing Link Pedicaps
Income Lost: $5000

I have been pedicabbing SXSW for the last 4 years. Every year it has set me up for a good year. This year I was relying on SXSW to pay for half of a coding bootcamp that I am currently enrolled in. Without this money the threat of being put in an academic hold and inability to finish the bootcamp due to lack of funds is very real. I lost a lot of money both in ride revenue and ad revenue. I am staying hopeful and fighting hard for the weeks to come but the virus makes me think that my pedicab revenue will decrease for months to come. Working as a data analyst seems like a better option but I need to finish school first.

Venmo: @cheeser

Cash App: $cheeezz

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @missinglinkpedicabs

Drink Slingers

Event Bartending Services
Income Lost: $90000

Thanks for putting this together! We lost 20 gigs over sxsw and about 50 Bartending shifts

Venmo: @Drink-Slingers

Instagram: @drinkslingersatx

Tiago de Silva

Production Sound Engineer
Income Lost: $9000

I think SXSW cancelling is probably for the best, for the safety of our community and anyone traveling in and out of here. However, it's such a major blow to myself, so many colleagues, and the economy of Austin in general. So sad to see so many people struggling all of a sudden. For some, it's just a hit for one month, but for others it's huge hit for their whole year! I'm one of those people.

Venmo: @Tiago-daSilva

Cash App: $dasilvasound

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @dasilvasound

Jeremy Cespedes

Photo + Video Activation Company (Small Business)
Income Lost: $14800

We employ 3-5 photo and video experience professionals that rely on this always fun and seasonal income for their families and their households. Its a bit tough having to give the news that we had all of our SXSW events cancel but we know we are still lucky as we know even more are hurting here. Thank you for considering on donating and hope to work with you or your company in the near future.

Cash App: $AustinCityPhotoBooth

Instagram: @austincityphotobooth

Adam Taylor

Contract Sound Engineer
Income Lost: $3000

I was booked to work for big house sound as a contract sound engineer and at the Belmont as a sound Engelmayer for the Vox event. But the sxsw stage/events I was booked to work for 12 days has cancelled and I’m out all of that work.

Kevin Wilks

Freelance Audio Engineer/ AV Tech / Production Services

As a full time contractor over the years I have learned to either travel elsewhere for work or to await the busy seasons arrival to earn an income after living off of savings for over a 2 months. Spring is when the work load in both Austin and San Antonio picks back up after being slow in since before the prior years end. I am typically booked from around the end of Feb through and until the beginning of May with only a day or so off here and there. I enjoy the nonstop bookings and the rewards make it well with the hard work. With the cancellation of SXSW I have lost 16 of my March bookings = $6000. I now have only one date booked in San Antonio for the month of March. Our phones are usually ringing off the hook due to the demand for our services, be it manning the mixing board or unloading the truck that brings the gear to make the events happen. During SXSW a lot of us get lucky and are offered insane amounts of over time due to the non traditional hours they have us arriving for our calls. None of that is happening this year for the first time in a long time for most of us who work the industry professionally. Anything would help. If you're willing to help me I kindly ask hat you help Caitlyn Clay or Christopher Head out before myself. I saw that they had posted on here and believe that either of them would benefit more from your kindness in this time of need.

Venmo: @TDR-Pro

Paypal: KevinWilks

Instagram: @TDRPro

Chelsea Archer

Private Event Space Bartender
Income Lost: $4200

I work at a private event space. The cancellation of SXSW leaves me with no job for 2 weeks. I am not able to ‘just go to work’ like a regular bar in Austin. There is nothing for me to go to. And since my event space is booked months in advance and with the COVID scare lasting thru May, I have no hope of anything booking last minute.

Venmo: @Chelsea-Archer-1

Alisa Navarro

Stage Tech
Income Lost: $2345

Hi, I am 32 years old and have 2 children (13 years old and 8 Months old). My career in the music production industry has come to a halt seemingly ugly overnight. I am now in search of other employment outside of the industry but until that happens I am so worried how I am going to provide for my family. This was just one two week long gig I lost. If anyone is inclined to help my family and me out in any way that would be greatly appreciated.

Venmo: @Jonathan-Veal-2

Cash App: $AlisaNavarro

Evan Boswood

Lighting Designer, Production Manager
Income Lost: $23000

I was booked for all of Interactive week and all of music week for multiple brand activation events and multiple high-profile music events. These included labor income and equipment rental income. All of these were cancelled within a week of the start.

Venmo: @Evan-Boswood

Cash App: $EBoswood

Paypal: [email protected]

Denise Davis

Catering Server
Income Lost: $2000

List two weeks of work from the cancellation of SXSW.

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @denisecaters

Jason Koma

Income Lost: $1500

Hi I am a local DJ that had a whole week of events lined up. Everything from record labels or companies coming from Chicago, Cali, Colorado and the east coast. My events were being held at Vulcan, Pour Choices, Dizzy Rooster, Toulouse & Dogwood West 6th.

Venmo: @JasonKoma

Instagram: @deejaykoma

Jorge Castro

AV Production
Income Lost: $7000

I am a manger for a production labor company. I hire all sorts of folks at all different skill levels, even technicians. Coming up to March we had a bunch of calls but mostly smaller in size than normal, so I did not book myself as I knew March was coming and it was set to be one of our best yet. We lost every show that we had booked, but it does not reflect upcoming shows that never even made it to us.

Cash App: $JorgeEnriqueCastro

Marie Rae Arvizu

Makeup Artist, Bartender
Income Lost: $1500

Single mom!! Losing this money would be a disaster for our family. Any help is appreciated!

Venmo: @MaryRae-Arvizu

Cash App: $MaryRaeArvizu

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @maryrae_art

Patrick Dudek

Income Lost: $3000

SXSW was a depended-upon income stream, which has now been wiped out due to the cancellation.

Venmo: @patrick_dudek

Instagram: @itspatrickdudek

Emilie Basez

Income Lost: $2000

Hello! Ley Line is a local, all-women World Folk band. We are sad to consider the lost opportunities of not having SXSW this year. The cancellation of the festival has caused a big loss in opportunity and salary for the month. Thank you for your support!

Venmo: @leylinesound

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @leylinesound

Yadira Rodriguez

Income Lost: $1000

I am a bartender that was gonna work at least all 6 days of both weekends. I bartend at Brazos Hall as well as Trinity Hall and all events there of course were cancelled.

Venmo: @yadira-rodriguez-9

Cash App: $Yahyahyeah

Paypal: paypal.me/Yayahyeah

Instagram: @yahyahyeah

Michael Smith

Sound Engineer, Barback
Income Lost: $3750

I was Finally able to begin work again since I was not able to work for several months due to batting stage 4 cancer and getting treatments manageable enough to be able to work partially during SXSW. I run sound and lighting as well as other event support services for a venue on sixth street. I was on target for making enough to help pay for much needed medications, food and medical supplies as well as catch up on past due bills and loans. This is a big hit for my family as they have been covering the bills and most of my daily expenses.

Cash App: $djcyborgatx

Alex George

Contigo Catering
Income Lost: $2500

Every SXSW gig that Contigo Catering had scheduled cancelled! This is our biggest money making time of the year, and I was banking on this money. Now what?

Venmo: @Alex-George-34

Jessica Isam

Makeup Artist and Hairstylist
Income Lost: $2000

The Life of a freelancer always involves cancellations.

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @hubcapdiamondstarhalo

Steve Hall

Sound Engineer
Income Lost: $3150

I'm a sound engineer that had a full 7 day event cancel it's tech event/conference. It was for one of the big social media websites.

Venmo: @Steve-Hall-BRD

Jack O'Brien

Psychedelic Rock Band
Income Lost: $700

Payouts from canceled SXSW showcases for The Bright Light Social Hour.

Venmo: @itsjackobrien

Paypal: @itsjackobrien

Instagram: @tblsh

Sofie Milton

Photographer + Content Creator
Income Lost: $3500

I was a photographer for SXSW for the third year in a row, and also had several contracts with brands & artists that would've made up my income for the next several months.

Venmo: @Sofie-Milton

Cash App: $SofieMilton

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @sofmilton

Evan Shaffer

Event Producer
Income Lost: $9000

I was contracted for 5 events over 9 days that have all been cancelled.

Venmo: @epmck81588

Instagram: @_evan.patrick_

Jon Blue

Production/ staffing/ musician. Independent contractor.
Income Lost: $3000

This has been a devastating blow for me financially. I have a 10-month-old baby and I’m currently fighting for custody. I work in music and music production full-time and am left trying to figure out how to pay the bills for the next few months and if I can provide for everything my little girl needs. I don’t usually reach out for help but I am at a loss of ideas right now.

Cash App: $JonBlueMusic

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @JonBlue13

Andrew Hulett

Musician / Sound Recordist
Income Lost: $10,000

I lost multiple gigs as both a performer and a sound mixer for various film shoots related to sxsw. I also am no longer going on a tour that was to set out from sxsw. As with many here, the near future for income is very uncertain. Thank you!

Venmo: @andrew-hulet

Cash App: $AndrewHulett

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @drewsky.hulett

Alli Holland

Video editor
Income Lost: $3250

I was going to be working 13 days during the SXSWEdu and SXSW festivals as a video editor. I just moved into an apartment on 3/6, the day I found out SX was cancelled. That money would have covered 3 months rent.

Paypal: paypal.me/AlliHolland

Rocky Rodd

Stage Manage Security
Income Lost: $4000

I have done SXSW for 30 years IDK what to do now.

Email: [email protected]

Eric Rogers

Audio Engineer
Income Lost: $11,750

Lost about 21 days of work because of the virus.

Venmo: @Rogerse2009

Cody Miller

Income Lost: $1000

This SXSW has been brutal. I've lost about a weeks worth of rigging gigs with more cancelling every day. This job is my only source of income right now so it's been rough.

Paypal: [email protected]

Alicia Hammond

Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $1394

I had 7 full days of work booked. I am very behind on bills (including health insurance and medical bills) and I was scheduled for surgery, but now have to postpone. This is the only type of work I do, so it’s been hard to find any jobs to even begin to make up for the amount lost.

Venmo: @AH926

Paypal: paypal.me/ahammond926

Cash App: $MsAtotheH

Instagram: @alicia.put.me.on

Jeffrey Hamor

Lighting and A/V
Income Lost: $3500

Panic does no good!

Venmo: Jeffrey Lee Hamor

Vic Gerard

Artist and rental service
Income Lost: $6000

I provide backline for showcase from Canada. Canadian Blast. Etc.

Venmo: Vic

Paypal: [email protected]

Chen Dori-Roberts

Audio engineer
Income Lost: $1500

Was schedule for 4 days working a FOH sound engineer for MPA.

Venmo: @chen-dori-roberts

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Dorisoundman

Andrea Weaver

Stage Hand / AV Tech
Income Lost: $4500

I’m a stage hand / AV Tech in AUSTIN, TX, I was scheduled for 3 weeks of breakout rooms at the AUSTIN Convention Center , this was the gig of the year , the gig that was supposed to get me through summer , to help me go see my family in Romania that I have not been able to see in 5 years ... :( ... what am I going to do ? I do not know ...

Paypal: [email protected]

Kathryn Swilling Conrad

Post production assistant editor and media manager.
Income Lost: $4500

I was one of two managers for SXSW’s official video crew. This is such a kind effort, thank you for trying to help so many people affected by this. Not just for my sake I wish you all the best!

Venmo: @Kathryn-Conrad-14

Instagram: @kathrynswilling

Collin Ronsonette

Freelance Audio Engineer
Income Lost: $4000

It's amazingly heartwarming to see Austin rise up and stand with those that have lost one of their biggest income sources. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for any help you can send my way.

Venmo: @Collin-Ron

Juan Alsina

FOH audio engineer
Income Lost: $7000

Lost 15 days of work during sxsw. VOX media showcase, and YETI showcase.

Venmo: @juan-alsina

Instagram: @Juantxcho

Tim Vickers

Crowd Control
Income Lost: $3200

i am crowd control,.. i basically work in front of the stage and manage the mash pits and provide medical assistance to anyone injured. rely on this gig every year ... pretty much bummed out,...


Email: [email protected]

Valeria Gonzalez Leyva

Former SXSW employee/Conference Programmer.
Income Lost: $55,000

Venmo: @valeglezleyva

Brandon Green

Audio Engineer
Income Lost: $1000

I am an audio engineer. I lost several opportunities, and had to take lower-paying gigs for the week. I was hoping to pay my last year's taxes with the extra income, but we're back to the grinding struggle.

Email: [email protected]

Croft Fite

Income Lost: $5000

SXSW being cancelled hit hard, for everyone in the fi community. I had branded content, panels, and music shows & musician interviews, all fly out the door when the announcement came. There were a few other gigs on the line as well that had not been "finalized" but we're in the process of doing so. With such a yearly dependable income surge, it's been hard to see what will happen next (esp awaiting what Corona might affect next). I am trying to stay positive though, because when one door closes, another opens...and we just had tons of doors close. I am very appreciative of sites like this that seek to help those affected.

Venmo: @Croft-Fite

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @croftfite

Jeff Strange

Production Manager
Income Lost: $3000

Dedicated my calendar, the entire month of March, to SXSW.

Venmo: @strangetribe

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @strangetribeatx

Craig Sadler

Audio Engineer and Musician
Income Lost: $2500

I've been driving for Lyft for months, scratching out a living between gigs, living hand to mouth, and waiting for the one month a year that I know I'll make a decent living in my industry. RIP SXSW2020. My long time gf and I just found out we're pregnant, this should be a happy time for us. Instead, my anxiety over our lack of income is becoming a real issue for us. I don't have much hope for the future of the music industry here in Austin. The guys I work for during SX are really screwed as well. Like, sell off all their equipment and shut down their business for good screwed. Every local industry person I know is in just as bad a position as I'm in, or worse. Thanks for what you are doing, I'm sure you cant help everyone but bless you for doing something!

Venmo: @CraigLSadler

Alex Abuabara

Independent songwriter, video tech, lighting tech, PM, stagehand
Income Lost: $7000

With all of my SXSW gigs cancelled as well as my corporate AV jobs, I have been left with no jobs in Texas for March and April.

Cash App: $Soulfirehouston

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @AlexandraSoulfire

Maria Flores

Film Industry worker
Income Lost: $2800

I was set to work for SXSW commercial team as their media manager with a 300 per diem, not only was I devestated over the loss of money that would carry me over until things pick up in the summer but I also lost out on a premiering a short that I edited during the festival.

Venmo: @Maria-Flores-85

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @mariafernanda_flores

Remy Schulte

AV technician
Income Lost: $384

Cancelled shifts at the Driskill Hotel doing AV for SXSW event

Venmo: @RemySchulte

Instagram: @remyschh

Edria Fleming

Event planning
Income Lost: $800

Supposed to set up and break down event.

Cash App: $edria512

Brittany Strumpf

Artist Hospitality
Income Lost: $2800

I am a contract employee for Austin City Limits Live

Venmo: @Brittany-Strumpf

Lyndee McKinley

Income Lost: $725

I am the director of a nonprofit but I supplement my income by picking up shifts with a local catering company. Loosing SXSW and the unknown of other large event is a big hit.

Venmo: @LyndeeMcKinley

Cash App: $LyndeeMcKinley

Instagram: @lyndeemckinley

Christian Rodríguez

Transportation. Pedicab Owner/Operator
Income Lost: $4500

I'm a local pedicabber and shop owner for High Roller Pedicab. SXSW comes every year and so of course we plan on it because it's 1 out of 2 of the big yearly events in Austin. Many of our advertisement gigs had been cancelled even after wraps and cabs had been detailed and installed. I'm a small 1 cab fleet but the bigger fleets in Austin Texas just lost out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and their employees lost their living wages, as did I.

Venmo: @bighomierdz

Cash App: $bighomierdz

Instagram: @papi_chulo_atx

Branden Simonson

Private contractor and event operator
Income Lost: $4500

I lost work with load in and load out of tiktok, amazon, and facebook.

Venmo: @branden-simonson

Cash App: $Brandensimonson

Instagram: @Son_of_simon_

Terrell Edison

DJ & Sound Production
Income Lost: $1000

Sorry to see the event cancelled, but definitely want things to be as safe and enjoyable as possible. Looking forward to next year and other events to come. We are greater when we work together...

Venmo: @terrell-edison

Cash App: $deejayTank

Paypal: paypal.me/deejaytank

Instagram: @deejay_tank

Ashley Jennings

Chauffeur/Delivery Driver
Income Lost: $6000

My husband and I both make our money as gig workers. Winter is always hard as things slow down, then SXSW helps us make up for it. I'm expecting a baby any day now and we have been holding out on important baby essentials for this little windfall. The $6000 is what we would have gained together. Alternatively, our Babylist had links to our registries if that is a more comfortable contribution. I'm registered at Babylist, and you can check out my registry here.

Venmo: @ashley-jennings-82

Cash App: $wintersillusion

Instagram: @Wintersillusion

Chris Beale

Band & DJ
Income Lost: $1890

This was supposed to pay bills up until May while on tour - 3 gigs cancelled. Literally, anything. Helps.

Venmo: @Chris-Beale

Cash App: $ChrisBeale

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @thesmoothestlover

Kip Sikora

I am an Austin, TX based technician for an event photography company called MirMir.
Income Lost: $1000

I am an Austin, TX based photographer working as a technician for an event photography company called MirMir. We lost every job we had scheduled during SXSW. Each gig pays $200 and I was going to work at least five. Thanks for your effort and trying to help everybody. Sincerely, Kip Sikora

Venmo: @Kip_Sikora

Elliot Franshaw

I spin records, play keys, and put on shows for the creative people around me.
Income Lost: $4500

This one hurt. This cancellation represents so much more than an immediate monetary shortfall. We as a community look to showcase our talent and leverage our success at SXSW to grow our brands and build future business. I'm hurting, as I know we all are. In banding together, we can make it better for all of us.

Venmo: @Elliot-Franshaw

Cash App: $Elliot071321

Paypal: Elliot Franshaw

Instagram: @parliamentfunkadelliot

Ken Dykstra

Freelance Audio Engineer
Income Lost: $4275

This is a serious blow to everyone I know in the industry.. It’s truly a shame to loose all my gigs because of a virus but what astounds me is the cruise industry is still operating.. After all that’s how COVID-19 arrived in Texas to me that makes zero sense.. I can only hope and pray there is some sort of federal relief fund to help us! We all know that Corporate America will be compensated! The reality is we didn’t cause this and did everything right filling our schedule with work for SXSW! Now due to cancellations we the insiders take the hit ! It’s just not fair!

Venmo: @Ken-Dykstra

Cash App: $HifiKennyD

Jeremy D

Freelance audio/sound guy
Income Lost: $2700

I'm in the middle of moving and my car is just down. I've been sober 2 years. Going through it this year. Lost a bunch of work i was really counting on . been spending about 500+ a month to take rides to work at this rate. I'm glad everyone is taking precautions but shit haha. I shouldn't have counted on it i guess. But i had gigs booked a month and a half in advance. Cons of the trade.

Venmo: @JeremyDowden

Paypal: Paypal.me/jeremylink027

Michelle Millette

SXSW Official Video Crew Camera Operator - Film/Red Carpet/Q&A
Income Lost: $3600

For the past 8 years, I have been a camera operator on the red carpets at paramount and for some of the music showcases for SXSW official. With my full time TV gig being on hiatus during SXSW this year, I’m losing an important chunk of my income. I really appreciate any support. Thank you!

Venmo: @Michelle-Millette

Thomas Jahos

Sound and light production company, freelance audio engineer, laborer
Income Lost: $1500


Venmo: @ThomasJahos

Cash App: $ThomasJahos

Paypal: paypal.me/ThomasJahos

Michael Reust

Full time freelancer
Income Lost: $10,000

Hi, I'm an AV tech who does mostly corporate but also nightclub work. I specialize in Audio, but also do L2, V2, stage manage, photography, some limited cam op, and carpentry. March represents about a quarter of my annual income, and I rely on it to cover my taxes every year. Now I'm looking at being in trouble with the IRS in addition to having no work until May. I rent a place with 2 others who are both financially needy and depend on me, and one of them is also a stagehand with cancelled events. The other was just getting started in catering. I am grandfathered into a pretty good rental unit, and if I lose it, I will probably be forced to leave Austin. I feel that the City government also owes us a lot, for imposing a ban on our profession. It's hard to estimate my exact losses, because there are many last minute gigs and gear rentals I pick up, and because almost every job I do is over 2500 people, it isn't just south by, it's my entire livelihood banned through May. I'm losing shows that haven't even been booked yet. (Chris Head knows me, also Riley Burgess, Alexander Ballard, Ritch N., Jon Acord, just a few of the many who can confirm my statements. About 80% of my work is thru VTS, but I also work for Avent Techs, AVLancer, Osh's new company, and one in a while thru ATX I used to work for the 205 semi regularly, and Rachel knows me well. One of the 205's admin assistants is my roommate, and I have also let other stagehands in need pitch a tent in my back yard in the past)

Cash App: $madrooster7

Paypal: [email protected]

Chelsea Hands

Freelance writer
Income Lost: $1000

This is a hard blow. All of my contracts were cancelled once the festival cancelled.

Venmo: @thatchelseagirl

Cash App: $thatchelseegirl

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @thatchelseagirl

Chelsea Hands

Freelance writer
Income Lost: $1000

This is a hard blow. All of my contracts were cancelled once the festival cancelled.

Venmo: @thatchelseagirl

Cash App: $thatchelseegirl

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @thatchelseagirl

Collin Hardeman

Executive Producer / Video Production - Media
Income Lost: $3700

I run a video production company here in Austin, and have been heavily involved with SXSW since 2010. We usually get hired to cover music showcases, shows, concerts, and other SXSW-related events. As of 2014, we began landing gigs with more corporate sponsors to film/video record/live stream panels, speaking engagements and so on. We were booked for 2 already, and more usually come in last minute, but with the cancellation, all contracts were terminated.

Cash App: $CollinHardeman

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @amaz1nent

Sarah Yopp

Pedicab operator
Income Lost: $6000

I've been petty cabbing in Austin for 9 years as Wonder woman. South by Southwest is like my Christmas bonus all year that helps me save a little money so I can survive when it's slow. Due to Uber and Lyft and electric scooters my business has already been taken away a lot by these alternatives. I pay a lot of money to work in the city and be permitted as well as for insurance and I'm at a loss right now.

Venmo: @WonderTraveler

Cash App: $sarahyopp

Instagram: @wondertraveler

Bailey Flores

Music/event photographer
Income Lost: $3000

I am music/event photographer I lost my big corporate gig just hours after we had a meeting about sxsw. I also freelance for record labels and was looking forward to working with their artist that where coming to sxsw. I just moved to the Austin area 2 months ago. I am available for portraits, events, concerts, branding. You can check out my portfolio here Shotbybailey.com Anything helps ❤️

Venmo: @Bailey-Flores-1

Paypal: paypal.me/shotbybailey

Roger Ho

Income Lost: $10,000

Full time event photographer where a huge chunk of my income comes from SXSW and large events and festivals.

Venmo: @rohofoto

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @rohofoto

Trent Jones

Film Festival Event Staff
Income Lost: $4200

I’ve spent the last 3 months preparing for the festival by prepping the film venue materials and assisting with the training of the volunteers for the event. On site I was tasked with the upkeep of day to day operations to make sure each venue had the tools they needed to succeed. It’s heartbreaking to realize that all of the planning is now going to go unused.

Venmo: @TrentJones08

Paypal: paypal.me/TrentJones08

Instagram: @mooseheadfeed

Tami Mitchell

Income Lost: $1800

Hi friends - Thank you for reaching out and helping. I am a disabled with chronic conditions illness and bring income through petsitting, but people are cancelling their trips. With no way to make this up, it is a difficult time for myself and others. Thanks for thinking of us.

Cash App: $disabledgirlonfire

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Disabledgirlonfire

Travis Kennedy

Audio Engineer
Income Lost: $4000

Every year I rely on SXSW income. I typically record for NBC and work with Nomad Sound for other recording needs, I also fill up the rest of my schedule for the 3 weeks working with Capitol Crew and driving Uber. It's a really hard hit for anyone working SXSW.

Venmo: @Travis-Kennedy

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @traviskennedysound

Raymond Schlogel

producer, director, camera person, editor, lighting
Income Lost: $5000

Like many, SXSW isn't just a chance to get a bit of work to help me sustain but it can literally make or break my entire year, similar to Christmas sales for retailers. It's not always a simple task describing life as an independent artist to those who have a more normal job, that for them it would be as if they as a secretary, a manager, a nurse, or doctor, had to apply for a new place of work, submit resumes, go on interviews, every few days or weeks. You never know, you only know that your job will be gone soon. Post SXSW is a welcome reprieve for a lot us who get gigs from it as it's our one chance to get ahead and not have to desperatly scramble for the next just to keep the lights on or eat as generally, supply and demand, our rates tend to be higher than the rest of the year and there's no shortage of hours. Over the last ten or more years I've done everything from working camera for SX official to a weeks worth of editing for Live Nation along with various full scale productions for out of town record companies and bands, event coverage and highlight vids, directing and editing music videos for some incredible amazing bands and artists that I never would have had the opportunity to work with had they not been visiting for SX. And without wanting to get to sappy about the whole thing, as an artist shooter, director, editor, etc etc and spending much of my time held up in a dark room editing, the experience of working for/during SXSW tends to be the highlight of my year despite the grind that all those hours can sometimes be.

Venmo: @Rj-Schlogel

Instagram: @undergroundplanet

Erica Gray

Makeup and Hair
Income Lost: $3000

I was hired by Disney and Hulu for hair and makeup for the interactive portion

Venmo: @ericagraybeauty

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @ericagraybeauty

Charles King

Income Lost: $2200

I was scheduled to work at the Hilton as an AV technician from 3/12 to 3/21 with the 19th off. I was depending on that money to pay rent, my car payment,my insurance as well as feedings me and my dog.

Email: [email protected]

Todd Wolfson

Income Lost: $2000

2020 Austin Chronicle Music Industry Award Winner for Best Photographer. Would love you to know i shoot music photos for CD, Website, Editorials & All Media, YEAR-ROUND !!!!

Venmo: @toddiesfood

Drew Iverson

Audio engineer / backline tech
Income Lost: $2000

Just found out today, Tuesday March 10th, that i lost a ton of work that i was counting on. Im getting married May 2nd, so this is a huge hit for me. Anything helps.

Venmo: @drewiverson15

Cash App: $DrewIverson

Instagram: @Somniferous15

Ethan Thayer

Backline tech/Band driver
Income Lost: $5500

Yo this is terrible. I work for a Backline company in town that is an amazing crew. I also play in a band here in town and apparently we are now live streaming just to continue our hearts desire. WHICH IS TO PLAY MUSIC AND INSPIRE THE YOUTH. So many lost gigs. Ongoing, have we lost our touring gigs for the next couple months? Im supposed to drive a band from the UK from the states around Canada. What do we do?

Venmo: @Ethn_thyr

Cash App: $ethnthyr

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Ethnthyr

Topaz McGarrigle

Musician, DJ, Event Producer
Income Lost: $10,000

This has been devastating for us. SXSW allows us to get out of debt from the slow winter months. I'm not sure how we will pay for our mortgage next month. Anything and everything helps!!!

Venmo: @Topaz-McGarrigle

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @goldendawnarkestra

Jasia Kaulbach

Film/Event Production
Income Lost: $1500

I lost an event gig that's a vital part of my income. Thank you for any help you can spare!

Venmo: @jasia-ka

Instagram: @jasiaka

Josie Nelson

Income Lost: $2000

I was supposed to be working as a vendor for a merchandising company at upcoming festivals which have now all been cancelled. I owe tax money & a car payment soon & have no way of collecting this money now.

Venmo: @thejosienelson

Cash App: $josienelson

Paypal: thejosienelson

Instagram: @thejosienelson

Elizabeth Mondragon

Vacation rental cleaning/musicians
Income Lost: $3800

My husband and I own a small vacation rental cleaning company. My husband has been on dialysis since last August and has been unable to walk for the last five weeks. We had 32 reserved cleans over the next four weeks and they have all been canceled. We are going to lose our business and lose our home.

Paypal: [email protected]

Robin McShaffry

Airbnb host
Income Lost: $3500

Cancelled guests at my Airbnb property. Not looking for financial help. Please help people who need it worse.

Felipe Landaverde

Food truck/catering
Income Lost: $10,000

We were expecting high volumes of traffic and caterings booked. Everything went up in flames, now i don’t know if we can survive in the city. We’ve been anticipating it since fall.

Cash App: $Jilllo16

Instagram: @ElguajilloAtx

Sarah Sharif

Income Lost: $4000

Running a 24-hr hackathon at the conference with "music + tech" and "climate + social action" challenges.

Venmo: @sarah-sharif

Instagram: @Exp_Civics

Jesse Ebaugh

Artist, The Tender Things
Income Lost: $7000

Venmo: @Jesse-Ebaugh

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @thetenderthings

Leslie Lozano

DJ / Social Media Freelancer
Income Lost: $3000

this was going to be my first year as an official sxsw artist and had gigs lined up for both dj'ing and social media freelancing. like most people here, this is how I make my rent. any donations help. my heart goes out to everyone. <3

Venmo: @leslie-lozano-3

Cash App: $llozano

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @soyellaella

Nate Villegas

Pianist/music director/live show programmer
Income Lost: $3200

I was playing w 4 different artists as a keyboard player for all 4 and music director for 1. I also lost a lot of show programming work this week.

Venmo: @Nate-Villegas

Cash App: $NateTheGr8

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @nate_villegas

Will Bennett

Income Lost: $3500

So saddened for all of the artists and local businesses who have been effected by this very unfortunate situation. Wash yo hands!

Venmo: @willybennett

Cash App: $thewillbennett

Instagram: @theaerobaraustin

Shawn Tyson

Camera Op/Video
Income Lost: $4400

I was looking forward to working for the SXSW folks as a camera operator for their mobile content crew. I was disheartened when I heard the City of Austin shut down the SXSW Festival because of Coronavirus concerns. I work as an independent contractor & I have no way of replacing these dates that I had set aside to work for SXSW. Anything you can do to help me & my family would be greatly appreciated! I will be forever grateful!

Venmo: @shawn_tyson

Instagram: @shawn_tyson_photolab

Katusha Robert

Actor/Brand Ambassador
Income Lost: $2700

I was booked almost every day of SXSW, partly as an actor in an immersive theatrical event for a film and partly as a brand ambassador for several different companies. As a result, I declined/did not submit to other opportunities. Will happily send resume/reel if you’re looking for an actor/BA since my schedule has opened up quite a bit!

Venmo: @Katusha-Mercer

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Katusha.robert

Jerry Mena

Tradeshow install and dismantle of south x southwest
Income Lost: $2500

Hit the tradeshow laborers extremely hard . We struggle enough in texas tradeshows .

Email: [email protected]

Sean Dylan

Backline Tech
Income Lost: $7500

I had both day and night performances booked. In addition there was some shop time testing / prepping / repairing gear before sending it out for artists to use.

Venmo: @SeanDylan

Cash App: $eanDylan82

Paypal: PayPal.me/seandylan82

Instagram: @seandylan

Brittan Egbert

Income Lost: $3000

SXSW is always my highest gross income of all year. This is a huge hit for me and everyone in the service industry. SXSW income was going to pay my outstanding medical bills and rent for the next 2 months. Now I'm trying to hustle for work and it won't even cover a fraction of what I lost. Also it doesn't just stop here. This will affect my line of work for months to come. I've already had events cancel for after SXSW. My heart goes out to everyone affected. Stay Strong Austin!

Venmo: @Brittan-Egbert

Paypal: PayPal.me/BrittanEgbert

Tony Curtis

AV Tech/sound engineer
Income Lost: $2000

Member of IATSE 205

Venmo: @anthony-curtis-0

Athey McGhee

Film production crew member
Income Lost: $3000

I work as a film production crew member for SXSW, and this cancellation hit me hard.

Venmo: @Athey-McGhee

Jason Swedberg

Print Production Manager
Income Lost: $4000

This post is more about awareness than money however, anything helps. I was the Print Production Manager at SXSW and was laid off this past monday. It was a dream job for me and after 6 years of being in and out of work I finally had found a home and was hopeful for the first time in I dont know how long. So, if anyone is looking for a print manager, digital project manager, ad ops manager, graphic designer, luthier, unicorn....please hit me up. That being said, I am beyond grateful for the time I spent working for SXSW. What an amazing experience working with such an incredibly talented and passionate group of people. I truly found a home there and only hope I can find something that compares but, I doubt it. I could go on and on but suffice it to say I will cherish the memories and hope that everything will sort itself out and they will be back in 2021 better than before! My heart goes out to all my colleagues who lost their jobs this week and to everyone else who is going through the same thing. Scary times indeed. I am also a luthier so, if you need a guitar worked on, Im your guy!

Venmo: @jason-swedberg

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @jscott_lutherie

Jinni J

Photographer, events producer, bartender
Income Lost: $4300

I’m a local photographer, I’ve been struggling with my health and was taking it easy on booking lots of work before sxsw, was really counting on that money to get me thru, I’m full-time freelance so this is definitely hurts. I usually pick up random gigs along the way. My heart breaks for everyone, but I’m very encouraged by the fact that this website was made. Thank you, any contributions help. Sending everyone love <3

Venmo: @Jinni-J

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @Heyjinnij

Debra McAdoo

Income Lost: $1000

Something like this has a huge effect on a small business like myself. But I love Austin and how much we support our people and businesses!!

Venmo: @Debra-McAdoo

Paypal: [email protected]

Instagram: @dsweetpeas

Karen Proulx-Santana

We provide a platform for marginalized artists to sell their art free of charge
Income Lost: $800

It may not seem like a lot, but between the extra stock we purchased in anticipation of the crowds and the loss of income we’ll receive because of the lack of traffic mixed with people not having money for novelties, our new business is hurting.

Venmo: @bluerazzblowpop

Paypal: paypal.me/thosevendingmachines

Instagram: @thosevendingmachines

Roel Valdez

Stage Mgr
Income Lost: $3000

I work at ACL live at the Moody theater and all SXSW have obviously been canceled. We're still getting word that shows in April and May have been canceled as well with end in sight.

Venmo: @roel-valdez

Cash App: $roelvaldez7

Erik Weirich

Local stage technician
Income Lost: $2000

Local independent stage technician definitely in a tight spot.

Cash App: $asapmonkey

Jonathan Terrell

Income Lost: $3500

Feeling it for all of y’all. Keep your heads up 💪

Venmo: @JonathanTerrell

Instagram: @jonathanterrell_official